I always liked flea markets a lot. I liked to slowly walk through all the offers. Especially, the nonsense small things got my attention. I always find a small treasure, maybe something I didn't need or wanted but when you see it you know: I will buy that.  Perhaps that doesn't fit with the idea of a ecological person, who thinks three times before actually buying something but I enjoy flea markets a lot! Because it will be  #BlackFriday this week, we wanted to write a little bit about #WhiteMonday!

When I visit friends in other cities, normally a flea market is part of my touristic program. Here in Stockholm it isn't only the flea market, it is the Second Hand Shops too! They are magic, especially Stockholm Stadmission.

Here, in Stockholm, Second Hand Shops are very well organised, clean and well-sorted. The shops of Stockholm Stadmission are visible in every part of the town and next to clothes for women, always have clothes for men too and a corner with kitchen supply, books, music and often furniture.  The people of Stockholm are great in giving their things to Second Hand Shops and also buy there. Also all the things are in general in very good condition!

I already found some really nice and a little bit corny things. The same experience was made by Resi and her boyfriend as well when they came for a visit. Normally, visiting shops ends with one person waiting for the other, annoyed and bored. This time it was a little different. Resi's boyfriend came back asking for us to leave, before he wants to buy more stuff and then being in the need to buy an extra suitcase to transport everything back via train to Leipzig.


WhiteMonday is, guess from the name, the opposite to the BlackFriday-insanity coming to us from the States over the last few years. Mostly, it advertises thinking about your shopping choices. Do you really need it? Do you really need to buy it new or is used an option? And here we get to the point of SlowFashion or SecondHand in general. It takes its time. The offer of fair and ecological fashion has increased a lot over the last years, but still the offer isn't as diverse as the offer of the FastFashion industry. Another problem related to Second Hand shops, it is easy to find some clothes you like but it is another thing to find the clothes in your size. A big disadvantage ...

Just ask yourself, if you really need or want something and check the second hand shops in your neighbourhood first before going to a regular or cheap store. Also on the internet there are some second hand sellers and provide a more diverse offer.

Next to the Second Hand Shops, I put my two favourite cycle shops on the map as well, also selling second hand bikes and the most ecological grocery stores I found until now. The Goodstore even sells Rapunzel products, which made me really happy!

And I added a colour code, like a traffic light to give you an idea about the quality of the store and wrote a few words about it, just click on the map!

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