Roxi has moved out, and I am sad. As I turn towards the kitchen shelf, which contains the consolation chocolate, in order to cure my sorrow,  I see them... Roxi's soufflé dishes! Good memories of perfect chocolate soufflés and good times of cooking and eating together fill my mind. I begin to reflect on what could still be in the fridge. The next moment, a new recipe has been born.

These are probably the easiest cheese cakes in the world. Along with half a pack of curd cheese (German "Quark"), I found an egg, and, luckily, leftover red currants which definitely needed to be used up in the near future. With a little sugar and wheat meal, I thought, these ingredients should make for a quite acceptable cheese cake.

The cream was just enough to fill Roxi's dishes about half each. After baking them at 160°C for about 40 minutes, the little cakes had risen nicely, and browned a little at the top. The currants make this very simple dish somehow special, and also result in a juicy texture.

Roxi, a.k.a. Soufflé Girl, we miss you! Of course we will bring your baking dishes along when we visit you. But until then, we will hopefully enjoy an occasional cheese cake or chocolate soufflé in our flat...

what you need...

125 g curd cheese, 40%
2 EL wheat meal
2 EL vanilla sugar
1 small egg
1 cup red currants



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