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Food waste
However hard I try, sometimes food that could be eaten ends up in my trash can. Normally that happens, when
DIY: Sandwich wrapping
You can find them nearly in every shop now and there are many DIY videos on YouTube: Beeswax wrapping paper.
Marktschwärmer Food-co-op
Have you heard of "Marktschwärmer"? No? Well, I think it's getting time that you do! If you'd like to shop
basil hummus
Hummus, who doesn't like this amazing paste? Perfect substitute for butter, because way better, for sandwiches and as a dip
asparagus salad
It became a bit quiet here, mainly due to the good weather and that my PhD picked up pace. I
salty lemons
During winter I am always hungry for risotto and in the best case I would like to have it fruity
Glass noodles & peanut sauce
Very often I am way too lazy to cook for myself and then I normally go for pasta. This time
Indian Paneer
I love Indian food: the smell, the taste and the colours. Fabulous! The happier I was, when I shared a
Moving to Stockholm
It feels like it is ages ago that I moved out and left Resi in Leipzig. I moved away from
Pumpkin soup
As soon as the trees start to cahnge their colour I start to have a look around for pumpkins.  I
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