Very often I am way too lazy to cook a big meal for myself and then I normally go for pasta. My favourites are Fusilli because they collect the sauce very nicely. Sometimes, I need new ideas but with this dish it always is different when you put something colourful on your plate. I fry my pasta with breadcrumbs, that doesn't seem to be the normal case, but is really tasty ...

you need ...

Pasta, how much you wanna eat.
(mostly I eat fullkorn)
tomato paste, or dried tomatoes, or fresh tomatoes

pepper and salt
egg? cheese? And everything you like.

  1. Start to cook the water for the pasta and salt it when it is heated.
  2. If you wanna add spinach or tomatoes, now is the time to wash them and also to cut tomatoes and walnuts in pieces.
  3. Cook the pasta.
  4. When the pasta is al dente, remove the pot from the heating source, but do not remove the water (this way the cook a little bit longer). Now put a pan with some fat on the heating plate. And now it is time to pour off the water.
  5. Add the pasta to the pan and also tomato purée and breadcrumbs. Mix everything well.
  6. Add the spinach and wait until it is done or add the egg or or or ...
  7. Fry everything well and well, you're done.
  8. Add some grated cheese or the walnuts.

For me this dish is always a safe choice. And when you change just one component it tastes different and if you add small stuff like the walnuts it even looks like you put effort in it. Frying the pasta is a good way to get rid of left-over pasta - I always ask myself who has left-over pasta?

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