I had my first "buisness trip" inside of Sweden: Abisko. A paradise for Hiking and to enjoy the tranquillity. The best way up in the North is the night train from Stockholm. 17 hours train ride through the beautiful country Sweden. I booked a bed in a 6-bed cabin and met unbelievable great and interesting people.

For many of you, 17 hours sitting in a train sounds probably a lot and maybe scaring. But that is not the case, by no means. At least mostly. To Abisko you start in the evening at 6pm and therefore, you do not have to spend so much time awake. Shortly after dinner it is time to prepare the beds and then you just sleep as long as possible and relaxed and well-rested you will arrive around noon.

The picture shows a Liggvägen cabin. There is also a "first class" , there you share your car cabin with 2 other persons, or you book the complete cabin for you alone. But I went for the cheaper version for my first travel.

The seats are the lowest bed and when it becomes dark you can remove the red pillows and lift the backrest, which is the middle bed. The third bed is directly under the ceiling and stays at it is the whole time, you just attache some strings there to not fall out during your sleep. The bed under the ceiling is - I think - the best. No lights reach you and no one is passing by your bed in the middle of the night, downside you have to climb and try to be as quite as possible.

With the bed comes a woolen blanket and the red pillows and a real pillow - everything you need for a good amount of sleep.

The way up to Abisko I slept fantastic. Maybe it was because of the people staying in my car, they were amazing and we had a great conversation. One Sami linguist, one hair dresser and a student, who does a lot of outdoor activities. Three amazing women with a lot of stories. I learnt so many things about Sami in Sweden, the recover of their culture after repression. Now I want to start to learn more about their traditions, making your own knife, learning to use everything in nature.
The only question left open was one I got:

What can I personally, do against climate change?

About this questions I thought several times and I think I would like to rephrase:

What can I personally, do for climate and nature?

That sounds way more positive and that you actually can help. Because for the first question I would answer that you need to do it on big scale, but that is the task of politics, companies and groups. But you can always do something on the smaller scale! It is not on the big scale, yes, but you will learn a lot about your surroundings and how much energy it takes to produce things in your daily life.

Hence I recommand: take the night train! YOu will have time you can use so well for yourself or to get to meet amazing people. In Abisko I didn't see so many things I can recommand but it looks amazing for hiking and skiing.

Here on the left you can see, they know how to store backpacks for your hiking experience and fore sure, you will not be alone going out in the nature. And don't worry that you miss to buy something important, in the tourist station in Abisko you can buy food. Nachos and tortilla chips seem to be a big deal in Sweden. Next to taht, you will find everything for bath time as well and what I forgot very often or it is just empty, going on a hike: Spices!

Here you can only choose the three most important: Pepper, Salt and Cinnamon.

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