Vegan Bolognese pasta sauce? It took me quite a while to accept that it is possible to prepare good food with soy. Even more: Food which is in taste well comparable to the meat version. This pasta sauce is one of the dishes where this is true, without doubt. I needed a couple of attempts to find a good recipe for the vegan Bolognese sauce, but in the end it turned out to be not so hard. See for yourselves.

For my sauce, I use dry textured soy protein as a meat "supplement". There are a couple alternatives to that, if you don't want to use soy, for example green spelt or lentils. I am using this form of soy protein because it is dried and thus takes up water. This means that I can season it as I wish by simply adding spices and sauces and pouring boiling water on top. This time, I decided for soy sauce, dried oregano, vegetable broth powder and a little bit of self-made chili jam.
I mix the soy protein and the spices in a bowl and add as much boiling water as it takes to just cover everything. Then I let this mix sit for an hour to soak.
In the next step, I add the soy protein and a minced onion to a medium-sized pot and fry at high temperature until the onion is glazed. A finely chopped carrot can also be added at this point. When the onion is glazed, I add some red wine and also the tomato puree along with some water (which I use to rinse the bottle which contained the tomato sauce). Also, I add around 2 tablespoos of olive oil, as well as salt and dried oregano to taste. This mix is left to cook at low temperature for around an hour on the stove.

you will need...

100 g dry textured soy protein
1 tablespoon each: chili jam, soy sauce, dried oregano, vegetable broth powder
1 onion
a little red wine
1 garlic clove
600 mL tomato sauce
as needed salt, sugar, olive oil

At this point, the sauce should look similar to the top right picture. When there is too little liquid, e.g. because the heat was too high and a lot of water has evaporated, you can add a little more water and olive oil. In the end, I season to taste with salt, sugar and herbs.

This sauce is very close to the original meat version of this dish, according to a friend who joined me for dinner. Of course it will always taste a little different, but it will taste good for sure.

Have fun trying it out!

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