We already published one part on the topic of hair. Resi told her friends about her change in her hair routine and her success. Roxie's hair doesn't behave in the same way and it is actually very easy to handle. Hence we both use hair soap from Lush and other companies since a longer time we took now the next step: flour. One reason, if it works and looks good, it is the cheapest ans most ecological way of washing your hair.

Of course, every hair soap is cheap in comparison with "normal" shampoo and calculated on the time you use it. But the ecological aspect can be improved. The hair soap on the base of oil, such as olive oil, are mostly from the region of Aleppo - and surely it is wise to support this region - but because of its transport the soap isn't CO2 neutral. Compared to most of the shampoos you find in a everyday store all hair soaps is a very good way and start to change all the trash in the product and the wrapping of the products.

With Lush there is something else that troubles us. Next to the transport there is this little ingredient, which doesn't really appear next to all the other natural ingredients in the product: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). A big word for the foam on your head. SLS is a product based on oil, being precise mostly palm oil. Here again not the palm oil is the issue, palm oil is a very efficient oil but how it is gained can be very problematic. There are existing companies, which produce palm oil in a ecological responsible way but there are a lot which don't. Because of the high demand of palm oil a lot of companies do not produce sustainable and also cut down rain forest for large palm oil plantations. Only way to be certain: Try to avoid palm oil as much as possible. Lush knows about this problem and designed a long-term plan: “Don't stress about SLS”. Thereby, Lush is one of the companies, which knows about their responsibility and are aware of the problem. Since 2008 they try to avoid palm oil as much as possible, at the moment it is still an ingredient in 52 products.

For us, that isn't good enough. I want to avoid it completely. Therefore flour. I started three weeks ago and made very good experience with it.

I mix a spoon of flour with a little bit of water. Important is to use flour which doesn't has the grains within it. I use rye flour and I think it would work with wheat flour, but you shouldn't use whole grain. If you mix it it looks a little bit like pancake dough, try to make it smooth without lumps. When I am done applying it on my head, it is a little bit like putting dough on your head it takes a little time, I sluice it out with cider vinegar mixed with water. Therefore I just fill two table spoons of cider vinegar in a glass and fill it up with water. It works very well. It makes your hair soft and smooth and very easy to handle. Also important to add, the smell of cider vinegar is only in the air during the shower your hair will not smell like it! With the hair soap I just used that as a conditioner once a month, with the flour shampoo I always have to do it to clean my hair from the flour dough

I plan to still use shampoo bars during my travel because it is just very convenient. Also it would be weird to go first thing in the grocery store and buy some flour and cider vinegar. What I also very much like about shampoo bars from Lush or Aleppo hair soap is that you can easily put it in your handluggage in case you fly.

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