Years ago, a friend gave me oil candles as a present and I never really got around to use them very often - I am not such a candle fan. But this year - maybe it is the staying at home - I started to use them more regularly and thought about how little effort it actually is and how great the result, hence here comes the #5minutecraft recipe for your own oil lamp. These candles are not very nice to look at, they are a nice small upcycling project with the old jam glas.

you need:

jam glas
knob made from porcelain
screw driver
fast drying glue

and about 5 minutes

glas (Søstrene Grene) - 1,42€
knob (Indiska) - 3€
wick - 0,10€

  1. Remove the screw from the knob.
  2. Put the knob in the middle of the glas lid, or where you wanna have it.
  3. Drill a small hole by simply poking the screwdriver through the knob.
  4. Remove the knob and start drilling and poking a real hole. The hole should be in the size that you can easily thread the wick through. It should be squeezed or rolled.
  5. Thread the wick through the knob and the lid. Place some glue on the bottom of the knob around the wick and the hole on the lid, then press knob and lid carefully together.
  6. Pull the wick through on the side of the glass and let it dry.
  7. Fill some candle oil in the glass until the wick is generously covered in the oil (1,5inch) and wait a little while. The oil will "climb" the wick and when it reaches the top you can light your candle.

The flame will get bigger as more of
the wick is to see on top of the knob!

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