#savethebees a hashtag that is trending from time to time on social media. The whole summer season 2019 you could see it trending and peiple advocating for the bees, all talked about saving the bees and insects and how to protect them. Politics talked about banning some pesticides to help the insects and some cities started small local projects with planting more bee friendly flowers, but still the bad news are coming in all the time. One of the things we can help out with is the distance bees have to travel to find food, one is as already mentioned planting more wild flowers and other bee friendly plants and the other one is to build a bee hotel to help them stay alive during cold nights.

Last year I built one during an environmental action week at Stockholm University and I really liked doing it because you didn't need a lot, easy fast and also not very much displaying, most people would probably walk by and not even seeing it.

All you need you can see in the picture: Bamboo, Saw or very good shears, a little bit of twine and something pointy, like a nail or a small screw driver. The steps you have to do are easy:
1. Make the bamboo smaller, somethign around 15cm long pieaces
2. In both ends of the bamboo sticks you need to screw the nail (or what you use) in. This will make a small whole like a cave, in which the bee can crawl and sleep over.
3. Now tie the sticks together. There is no system, just tie knots after knots as you like!
4. "Install" it at a place of your choice. Try to keep distance from park benches and similar for people who are afraid of bees or allergic! Also as more you hide it as more you exclude the possibility that someone is just taking it down.

It was a nice little project during quarantine for me. The bamboo I actually got for my tomato plants, so I had everything at home. The twine was some left overs from some packaging I got. Of course you can find more impressive bee hotels in a shop or even put more time into it and build one with wood and more materials, but I really like the charm of this cute easy one: cute, cheap and quick. And on top of that, you nearly don't see them in trees which I also prefer compared to a big one. Hence, I went ahead and built a few more and put them up everywhere around my place.

While putting one up, I met a new friend that I sometimes visit now during lunch time.

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