I like to give away small presents to friends and colleagues every year before christmas. Nothing special or expensive, just a little gift. Last year it was selfmade hot chocolate, this year it is parlines or chocolate bonbon. It is only the second time I made parlines and I tried something new. Next to the chocolate pralines in rose shape I also tried Marzipankartoffeln ("marzipan potatoes") - and coconutballs.

What do you need? CHOCOLATE, a looooot of chocolate. Nougat, coconut flakes, nuts, cinnamon, vanilla, rum flavouring, marzipan, coco and sprinkles, ...

Then there is not a lot left to write. Chop the chocolate and melt it in a bain-marie. Just take a pot and fill it with 1cm of water, then put it on the stove and put the chocolate in a bowl on top. If you use nougat, you can add it to some chocolate and mix them or melt it on its own.
Prepare the mouldes, I used ice cube trays in the shape of roses and apples.
Extra information, you can add a teaspoon of coconut oil in the chocolate, but it is not necessary. I didn't detect a difference.

Prepare your work surface, everything, if you want to use chopped nuts or sprinkles, because no matter how much I pay attention, always my hands are full of chocolate . Then think about if you want to add a taste to the chocolate. I added cinnamon to the milk chocolate and to the white one I added some rum flavouring (2 drops). The dark one I left like it was.

So, melt the chocolate and fill it in the ice cube moulds. If you do layering, just wait a little while so that the first layer can dry and then add the next layer. In larger mouldes, like my apples, I put a whole hazelnut in the middle.

When the mouldes are filled I put them in the fridge. I cannot tell how long they take to dry through, I always start this kind of projects at 8 o'clock and let them in the fridge over night. The next morning or after maybe 2 hours remove the pralines carefully from the mouldes.

This year I also tried to make Marzipankartoffeln (=marzipan potatoes). I forgot to buy vegan chocolate, but I bought a big pack of marzipan. Here in Sweden, you can get them in 400g-packaging or more.
Seriously, I cannot really talk about them, I do not like marzipan, hence I didn't try how they taste. I did a little bit of research online and looked for a recipe. Then I mixed the mass with a little bit of cinnamon and powdered sugar and, well, just tried. It is amazingly easy. The marzian isn't sticky at all and very easy to handle. I just rolled the mass and then cut it in small pieces and made them to small balls, that goes really fast. Then I mixed a little bit of cacao powder with powdered sugar and rolled the "potatoes" in it, shook too much powder off with a sieve. The result convinces optically.
Now you only have to wrap them up nicely and then you can give it away. I found this really nice wrapping paper and folded small bags. I love the result, the bags look pretty.

Merry Christmas!

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