Lately, I baked a chocolate cake for work and since one of my coworker is gluten intolerant it had to be gluten free next to vegan. For a chocolate cake these are not very easy conditions, quickly you end up with a dense and muddy cake and not a fluffy old fashioned chocolate cake. Just by chance I ended up with a very good texture and the taste is also very good. Since a lot of my coworkers asked for the recipe and -typically me- I just threw everything in a bowl without measuring anything I had to redo it and keep track on the steps.

Ingredients for ø28cm springform tin
400g flour
270g sugar
80g chocolate powder
550ml oat milk
250ml sunflower oil
4g bicarbonate
2 table spoons apple vinegar
25g salt
1 table spoon vanilla sugar
some chopped chocolate (100g)

Swedish measurements
6dl flour
4dl sugar
1dl chocolate powder
550ml oat milk
250ml sunflower oil
1 table spoon bicarbonate
2 table spoons apple vinegar
1 tee spoon salt
1 table spoon vanilla sugar
some chopped chocolate (1 bar)


I need to add a little side note:
the whole recipe is loosely based
on a old finish recipe.
My friend Sonja is a real full-time vegan
and showed me the recipe
which is actually for a so-called
Kladdkaka or mudcake;
a very classic cake,
you will find a lot in Sweden.

So my last Sunday started with a baking session, scale under the bowl while I follow the base recipe, double some of the ingredients and all that in this measurement cups system that the Swedes use all the time and I still didn't make friend with.
I used the Lailas Mjölmix (base on corn, gluten-free and no lactose), I mention it because my experience with gluten-free baking is limited and the flour looks and felt more like starch than "normal" flour; I am not sure if that is the case with all gluten-free flour on the market. To make sure you get the same result maybe use the same or try and tell me if it goes as planned.
As always I don't really care about which ingredient comes first: I added all the dry ingredients, put milk and oil on top, then the apple vinegar and gave it a whisk with my hand mixer. It should look like the third photo, not to fluid, but you should be able to pour it out easily. Last thing I do is adding the chocolate pieces.

Baking Time is a little more complex this time: I started to bake the cake at 190°C circulation air and after 15 minutes turned the heat down to 150°C and switched to upper and lower heat for 40 more minutes.
An easy way to check if it is done is to shake the tin in the oven a little, if it wobbles give it a few more minutes. In case you use check the cake with a knife: it is okay when some chocolate dough is at the tip in the middle that makes the cake even better.
As you can see, my early morning Sunday baking session paid off and we had a nice coffee break on Sunday, I served the cake with vanilla creme from Oatly. That made it even better. Just quickly whip it up and top the cake with it.

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