Hummus, who doesn't like this amazing paste? Perfect substitute for butter, because way better, for sandwiches and as a dip for a party the perfect choice. The version today is part of the "lazy" category. I used the canned chickpeas to save some time and have a tasty snack during lunchtime.
The basil became part of it, because I saw it in the stores here in Sweden, hummus with basil taste. Last week I tried it myself at an event and I have to say, basil is amazing! I always loved basil sorbét and in hummus the basil taste is just that: Amazing!

1 small can chickpeas
2 Tl tahini paste (piled)
lemon juice
10 leafs basil
olive oil
salt, chili flakes
(enough for 4 servings)

I used the can to save time. If you have time, you can use dried chickpeas. You have to put them into water at least for a night and then cook them until they are soft. The taste is maybe a little bit better, but it takes time and energy.
There are also chickpeas in the carton package, such as milk or juice. But I like cans better because they are used to 100% in the recycling cycle. Now let's start with the "cooking".

Put the chickpeas in a bowl, add a good dash of citrus juice, a little bit less of olive oil. I do not have the perfect amount, because I had to add more later on. One teespoon salt, some chili flakes (as much as you like), two big tea spoons tahini paste, and of course the basil.
Now blend everything together. If the consistency is not smooth enough, add a little bit more olive oil. The same is valid for the spices, just add more if you like.
I used olive oil, because I wanted to control the seasame taste a little, but if you like sesame a lot, maybe you can also use sesame oil.
My lunch was oriental bread, shortly roasted in the pan, then spreaded with hummus and some tomato, 1-2 leafs of basil and done is a tasty wrap.

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