It became a bit quiet here, mainly due to the good weather and that my PhD picked up pace. I am spending all my time in the office or I am out in the nature, exploring everything forest-like around Stockholm. There is no time for cooking or writing.

But here is my new favourite recipe, it's fast and cooking is almost unnecessary.

250g green asparagus
2 middle-sized pears
2 tablespoons olive oil
pepper, salt and rosemary

Cut the asparagus in small pieces and steam them in the pan with a little bit of fat. Depending on how thick of the asparagus spears are, it will take about 5 minutes. And take medium heat and not very hot. If you stew them too hot, the asparagus can be bitter and that will diminish your enjoyment.

While the asparagus is in the pan, wash the two pears and cut them as well. Then add pepper, coarse salt and rosemary as spices. The rosemary is the key spice and it is best if you have air dried, which you can grind yourself. Of course, the store bought one works too, but I love the one from the garden. It's always a lot greener and tastes more aromatic.

Once the asparagus is ready, mix with the pear in a bowl, spoon a tablespoon of olive oil over it, then a tablespoon of rosemary and plenty of pepper and salt. Done.

Okay, almost. Pack the salad in a bowl without a lid. The best way to enjoy the salad is eating it in the sun. As I did it last weekend on the peninsula Björnö.
Enjoy the good weather!
And the asparagus season! By the way, is it just me or is the green asparagus in Sweden finer than the one in Germany?

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