Welcome to our blog.  We are Resi and Roxi.

Our studies in Leipzig brought us together. We share the love for good food. Hence, this page will be a lot about eating, that is, about everything that is involved in the process: The shopping, preparation and of course the savouring! Shopping is a big issue for us, we want everything regionally, without unnecessary chemistry in it, fairtrade and without producing rubbish. Unfortunately, that isn't always easy. Therefore we will explain how we try to minimize our ecological footprint with small daily life changes, but also when it comes to bigger projects, e.g. traveling. And, of course, we will talk a lot about our favourite places in Leipzig ... and soon in Stockholm as well.

Additionally, a major part of this blog will be spent on our common passion: Science. Both of us have still not quite abandoned the academic idealism, and hope to get people interested in our work. We both just started our PhD. Resi in Leipzig, Roxi in Stockholm.

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