We got a five kilo sack of spelt flour for Christmas, which is why there has been some baking going on recently. I realize this sounds weird, getting flour for Christmas, but I was actually very happy about this present, and I still am! I really appreciate high-quality ingredients for healthy self-made food, and simple things such as flour do make me happy. I baked this bread spontaneously one night, it’s super easy and actually only contains four ingredients: Flour, salt, water and yeast. If you like, you can add some spices.

I think this bread is perfectly suited for those who are just getting started with baking bread. The yeast dough is quite failsafe ­čśë it’s not as sticky as e.g. rye sourdough, but you still learn to handle the dough and develop a sense for baking. And the result is definitely something to be proud of! If you add a couple of spices, goat cheese or olives to the dough, this recipe can be actually (literally) spiced up into a special dish to show-off your baking skills -)

you will need…

500 g spelt flour
1 Pck. dry yeast
1 tbsp. salt
300 mL lukewarm water
optionally caraway and tarragon

The recipe is very simple: You add all the ingredients to a big bowl and knead them to a smooth dough. This dough you leave to rise in a warm spot, best in a fermenting basket (which creates this pretty grooved pattern), until its size has doubled. It is important to put a lot of flour underneath the dough into the fermenting basket so the bread won’t stick.

Then you can simply transfer the bread to a baking tray by turning the basket upside down.

In the preheated oven, the bread needs around 45 minutes at 200┬░C (390┬░F). I leave the baking sheet in the oven while it’s heating up, take it out and put the bread onto the hot tray. Like this, the bread crust develops evenly on both sides – at least that’s my impression.

It’s important to steam the bread by also placing a tray or pan with hot water in the oven when putting the bread in. This will provide for a nice crust.

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